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The Oceanside Women’s Business Network (OWBN) is a vibrant and diverse group of women. Our members include professionals, entrepreneurs, and small business owners in many fields.

OWBN is a great opportunity for women to connect and share the work they’re doing, and potentially collaborate on projects with one another. Many new personal and business relationships have developed because of OWBN.

Members of other women’s business networks on Vancouver Island are invited to attend our meetings at the members’ rates.

In fact, all women, whether in business or not, are welcome. We encourage you to attend a meeting to explore career and business ideas, and to get to know other women in the community. Imagine what may develop with the connections you’ll make at OWBN!!

Board of Directors

2019 – 2020


President: Sandy Mclary

Vice President: Rena Weme

Treasurer: Anita Roy

Secretary: Robin Bruner

Media Promotions Director: Dawn Deschamps

Director at Large (Sunshine Lady): Veronica Szick

Membership Director: Jollean Chantral

Website Director: Vacant

Newsletter/Public Relations Director: Vacant




OWBN is a not for profit organization

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Oceanside Women's Business Network

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