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Ignites Momentum


Are you frustrated at being stuck in your business?

Or maybe you are on the verge of a breakthrough?


Come and get energized at the Action Ignites Momentum (A.I.M.) Conference hosted by the Oceanside Women’s Business Network (OWBN).

  • Be inspired by 4 amazing speakers – personal and business topics (see below)
  • Network with like-minded women to make new connections
  • Visit the Marketplace to shop and get helpful ideas

Learn what ACTIONS you need to take to IGNITE your business MOMENTUM!

  • Heart-centred learning
  • Creative living tips
  • Find your special gifts
  • Essential business skills

Leave the event inspired to take action.

What will your A.I.M. goals be?

March 9, 2019


Nourishment – coffee/tea, muffins, and a box lunch (from The Pacific Brimm Cafe)

General Public



Women’s Business Network Member



How to Get Your Name in the News


Baila takes the mystery out of approaching traditional and new media. She explains how to get television, radio, newspaper and magazine outlets or podcasts to give you media coverage for your business; or be interviewed as an expert in your field. Baila will explain what editors, producers and online publishers look for in story ideas, how to select media outlets appropriate to your business or expertise, how to properly pitch to get your story ideas noticed and how to leverage your media coverage to generate credibility, brand recognition and business leads.

Baila Lazarus is an award-winning writer, editor and media coach, and an instructor at Small Business BC. She was the news features editor at Business in Vancouver newspaper, managing editor of Business Examiner Vancouver Island and a business commentator on Global Television. Her 20+ years of journalism include print, radio, television and online production. She has been featured as a speaker for the BC Communications Forum, the GetSetGo! Summit, Vancouver Island Tourism and SOHO Victoria, among others. She lives in Vancouver and provides workshops, webinars and personal coaching sessions on media strategies to entrepreneurs, small businesses, non-profits and PR companies.

How to Thrive in Life and Business:

3 Keys to Creative Living


Are you tired of your business running your life?

Do you often push through fatigue to finish that one last “thing”, rather than listening to your body and taking a break?

Do you crave a life that YOU design – one that includes guilt-free time for you and with friends and family without that “To Do” list nagging you in the back of your head?

If so, you’re not alone.

The stress associated with constantly doing and giving is taking an incredible toll on our bodies, minds, relationships, and our bottom lines. There is a healthier, happier way to do life and this keynote will share some practical proven strategies to show you how.

In this participatory keynote participants will:

  • Examine the impact constantly “Doing” and “Giving” is having on their body, mind and relationships at home and at work … and on their business
  • Explore 3 keys to thriving in life and work
  • Learn powerful practices to help them stay healthy, happy and grounded while running a successful business.


Pamela Thompson, BN, MSc. is a certified life and business coach, keynote speaker, and facilitator with over 25 years experience as a global health and management consultant on 5 continents. She is author of the #1 Best Selling book “Learning to Dance with Life: A Guide for High Achieving Women”.  Through her fun and highly participatory keynotes, workshops and retreats Pam supports business and professional women to embrace change, thrive in life and business and lead in uncertain times.

Pamela has created two successful management consulting businesses since the early 1990s; and is currently President of Creative Life Coaching Inc.

Find Out How Your ‘Sacred Gifts’

Empower You!


Ever wonder why you are super effective doing certain things in your business and terrible at others? Would you like to know how to ‘feel more on purpose’ in your work? There are 24 Sacred Gifts and we all have 3 – 5 of them, they are part of your spiritual DNA. Understanding how sacred gifts are different from your skills and talents can be insightful but knowing what they are can be life changing. If you spend a lot of time judging yourself as ‘not good enough’ you can release trying to be ‘all things to all people’ because you will know you don’t need to be!

What you’ll take away from this powerful session:

  • Understand the difference between your Sacred Gifts versus your talents and skills
  • Know the 4 signs or clues to your Sacred Gifts
  • Gain insight into what gifts you may have
  • Realize why people with the same Sacred Gifts succeed and some don’t

Dana J Smithers of Empowered Women In Business is an author, speaker and motivational trainer. As a Certified Sacred Gifts Guide & Trainer and Certified Law of Attraction Trainer her mission is to educate, inspire and empower women. Dana believes once you know what your gifts are – there are 24 and you have 3 – 5, you will give up judgement about other people by understanding what their gifts are and are not! Once you discover your ‘Sacred Gifts’ you will feel more on purpose, your gifts will be a benefit to someone else and you will find more meaning in your life.

Be The Change. Build a Business That Matters

and Create Impact To Change The World.


Anyone can create a business. But why not create a business that can make an impact in your community or the world. Be a change maker! You have the power to affect change in your life, your city, community and the big wide world – but few take the opportunity because they feel too small or powerless to make a difference. It’s time to ‘build a business that matters’.

The world is ready for those who want to be change makers. The world is ready for you! But are you ready? Join Deb Alcadinho for this inspirational, action-oriented keynote on how you can formulate a vision for your business that has impact! We’re not talking vision boards, we’re talking a gritty vision, filled with your heart and soul that encompasses the greater good of what you want to achieve in this world. Deb believes we were all put on this earth for a reason and she will show you how to put your vision into action! You will come away from Deb’s presentation inspired and ready to create or revamp the future of your business to create real impact in your life and the lives of others. Be the Change!


Deb Alcadinho is a change maker for female entrepreneurs. She believes individually we have the power to change the world and collectively we can! Deb guides, mentors and teaches women of all ages through business advising, leadership and training opportunities. She is the CEO & Founder of Westshore Women’s Business Network in Victoria BC, and a Business Advisor at Your Brand Power. She has five amazing men in her life (husband, 3 boys and a fur-baby) and is active in volunteerism and mentorship.

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