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Pat Famulak

Owner at Community Welcome BC

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For many years I was the hostess / representation for Welcome Wagon Canada in our area. In early 2020 as COVID 19 began, welcome wagon internationally closed their doors after 90 years in business.

I love to welcome newcomers to our community so it was a perfect time for me to continue this service as I decided to start my own business called “Community Welcome” with the concept being the same!

This service that originates from our pioneer days in the prairies was started in 1930, providing newcomers to an area with a welcome basket days where residents came out and welcomed newly arrived families.

Now with my own company named “COMMUNITY WELCOME”, I work with Oceanside businesses to provide a basket full of greetings, gifts and information to Newcomers to the Oceanside area. Are you new to the area? I wold love to welcome you with gifts from your local merchants and can offer information for your new home. In addition to lots of community information, the basket has hundreds of dollars in free gifts and discounts from local merchants.

If you are interested in receiving a basket please contact me!

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