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Photo of Diane Dugas

Diane Dugas

Photographer Owner Dianedugas-imagen.com
Home 302, 266 Hirst Ave W. Parksville, Qualicum Parksville BC V9P 2K9 Cell Phone: 514-378-5264 Website: Diane Dugas Imagen


About Imagen,

Marketing Management, campaign, media, photography & videography.

Stock Contributor;   Arcangel (book cover agency), Alamy, Getty, Istock, Dreamtimes, Shutterstock, Adobe Stock.

I learned from the best, Brian Swinyard one of the top creative photographers in the UK, Brian was a real inspiration, helping me in defining my vision, understanding how to transfer it into my photography, how to let go, to refine my own style!

Portrait, conceptual & documentary photography, and videography, men, women, pets, events, wildlife, travel, fine art.

Let’s take the time to refine the narrative of your story, or the story you want to communicate.

Narrative visual, documentary, advocacy, funding, human culture and travel, humanity causes, peace, pollution, poverty, inequality, freedom, corporate social responsibilities. We all have something to communicate, our story,  opinions & concerns, ideas, knowledge, contributions…, let’s collaborate, social media marketing campaigns, interview, and presentations,

I enjoy the creative process from start to finish, the interaction with my subject the connection, I love to documents your journey through life, it is a real privilege to be able to stop the time to underline a historical event, even if it is only the birthday of your pet, if it’s important to you it is to me. I am not a dream catcher but I can catch moments that will last forever. I have the most amazing job, capturing, love, emotion, and beauty.

I see beauty in the most unexpected places and I capture it, I know how properly interact with people and animals, I am a team player I have a creative mind—and plenty of imagination.

I am resourceful, patient, and flexible and I have an eye for detail and great composition.

My goal is to put all the elements together “light, subject, angle, story and emotion “to deliver the right vision or message.

Most important, I am passionate about what I do, I am truly passionate about my craft.

Creative, communicator, details oriented personality, every session and every project photography and videography, are done with care and passion,

Whatever you have in mind “portrait, architecture, event, media, interviews” we will discuss it and organized the best scenario to achieve the result you’re looking for.


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302, 266 Hirst Ave W. Parksville BC V9P 2K9

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