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Glenna Mageau

Women Writes Movement
Membership: October 15, 2015 Website: Women Writes Movement Website: Maggie Thom – Suspense/Thriller Novels


Escape to read… Read to escape… and Write for the Freedom!




Every woman has a story to tell, whether fiction or nonfiction, and has the ability and talent to write but not everyone will.

Are you a woman who has:

 ~ been drawn to write

~ has been told you have an incredible story to tell

~ tells really good stories

~ loves to create stories

~ loves to write

But have you ever felt…

  • like you can’t make it interesting
  • it’s not good enough to share
  • you’re not sure of what steps to take
  • you’ve got these great ideas but they don’t sound that way on paper
  • like you need to write but can’t get started
  • like you need to write but can’t keep going
  • that this is what you want to do with your life – create stories
  • you want to share your journey to empower and inspire others
  • you know you have a great story inside of you

To learn more: http://www.womenwritesmovement.com


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