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Glenna Mageau

Author, Speaker, Coach Women Writes Movement
Membership: October 15, 2015 Website: Glenna Mageau Website: Maggie Thom – Suspense/Thriller Novels


Helping Women Discover the Value of who they are.

Escape to read… Read to escape… and Write for the Freedom!




Helping women discover the value of who they are. Take the adventure, Live from your Heart.
Every woman has a story to tell, it is worth the journey to discover it. Women are amazing but moms do hold a special place.
Helping Moms and adult daughters connect on a deeper level. Knowing your mom’s story can make all the difference to her life and to yours.

Do You Know Your Mom’s Story? 365 Questions You Need to Ask Her.


To learn more: http://www.glennamageau.com


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