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Pat Barnes

Mortgage Broker Mortgage Insight – The Mortgage Centre
Home 902 Barclay Crs S Parksville BC V9P1Y9 Canada Cell Phone: 250-715-8259 Website: patbarnes.ca


I help people get the right mortgage for their needs with the best rate available. I will build mortgage that suits the needs of you, or your referred client, and then find a lender with the best rates!


You’ll come away understanding your new mortgage including the fine print. Great service is what it is all about! If you are self employed, a first time home buyer, on a fixed income, in a tough credit situation or simply want a better understanding of your options, you need to call me, an independent professional who looks out for your best interest. Shopping for a mortgage can be an incredibly time-consuming exercise. The process of meeting with lenders, filling out forms, providing credit histories, proving income and cutting through all the jargon and red tape can take weeks to complete. It can also result in a lot of frustration and confusion as you try to make sense of the ever-changing rates, terms, conditions and details. That’s why it pays to use me, a mortgage broker. I’ll cut through all the clutter for you, acting as a liaison between the lender, realtor, appraiser, credit agency, attorneys and any other service-providers that could affect your transaction. I am on top of all the latest trends and innovations in the industry – from the status of interest rates to the availability of alternative financing options. I offer expert advice on which financing options are best for you, and provide you with strategies to ensure your financial peace of mind. Typically, there’s no cost to you in using a licensed mortgage broker as our fees are paid by the lenders (some exceptions may apply). When you work with me to get your mortgage you get great service, honesty, independent advice and the best rate available. Be confident in referring your clients to me. Your friendly neighbourhood mortgage broker!

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