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Past OWBN Meetings and Events

2016 – 2017

Save Time & Money: Speak to Your Target Market & Ideal Client

by Deb Alcadinho

Time and Money are two of your most precious resources, so don’t waste them by marketing to the wrong customer. Do you feel like you are not connecting with the right customer, that they don’t ‘get’ what you are selling? Do you find it difficult to convey what you are selling?

If you are marketing to everyone, you are speaking to no one.


Networking for Results

by Lea Silver

Networking is a key part of business, but it can often feel like our time and effort isn’t getting us any results.

  • Do you really know WHY we are networking?
  • How much effort are you spending learning networking skills?
  • Are you just going through the motions or are you thinking strategically?

Networking can be very profitable, but it is not a passive process and there are key elements we need to employ to maximize our impact.


OWBN Little Black Dress Christmas Dinner

A great evening of a scrumptious meal, fun and connecting with the women of OWBN.

Bring a guest – spouse, partner, friend…

Law of Attraction and it’s impact on Your Business and Sales

by Michael J. Losier

How to use the law of attraction to get more of what you do want and less of what you don’t.


Use NLP and Law of Attraction to Attract your Ideal Client

by Michael J. Losier

Come away with a step by step plan to Attract Your Business Success Now!

A one day workshop.


Make Your Mark

by Cheryl Bishop

CHERYL BISHOP is a heart-centered speaker, author and Heart Connections Manager at Make Your Mark Training and Consulting Inc.

Make Your Mark is the Ultimate Business Success System…with SOUL; a 7-Step System to six figures in profits or more, in 12 months or less.
Cheryl has assisted CEO, Colin Sprake, in building Make Your Mark Training since its beginning in 2009. She has been a huge support in creating momentum and growing the company’s reputation and following.


Think Opposite the Best Way to Build Trust and Connection

by Allison Donnelly

If you don’t question what you believe in, then what is the point of believing in it?

This is the core of what THINK OPPOSITE is about. It’s about suspending your belief long enough to consider an opposite perspective so that you can proceed with clarity. When we allow ourselves to think the opposite of what we believe we can then consider all other possibilities in between. This is important because it builds trust, communication and connection in our businesses, our lives and the world.

That was Then… This is Now…

by Julie Atkinson

Does this sound like you?
• Allowed yourself to dream big
• See great opportunities for yourself
• Want to change something in your life
• Ready to take a risk

Then before you know it, the days turn into months, then years go by, time passes on and you are still in the same place and still holding on to those dreams and desires.

Julie will share with you that You can make changes in your life and change doesn’t need to be difficult.


Wise Women Share their Inspiring Journeys


Carolyn Redl – Professor, Author, Speaker

She started her first business in a time when all you had to do was put up a poster to find clients (1960). Started getting her university degree in ’58 and got her PhD in 1991. A professor of English and Creative Writing, she taught at several Alberta and BC Universities.

A wonderfully insightful woman, who will share tips that she has learned along the way.



Betty Price – Hospital Administrator, Nurse, Midwife

She emigrated to Canada where she found midwifery illegal, so she became a head nurse and then moved on to Administrator. Working behind the scenes she helped make midwifery legal and she implemented the program for the Fraser Health Authority.

An inspiring woman who opened doors for many women.

Another Great Meeting

Our end of the year meeting – chose a new board, played some fun games, connected with OWBN women and gave away some great prizes.

OWBN Summer Potluck BBQ

A summer potluck barbecue hosted at one of the Members homes. Open to all members and guests – spouses, partners, friends.

A lot of fun and sometimes there are some belly dancing lessons.

For information about future OWBN meetings.

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