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Charity of Choice

Mamas for Mamas

OWBN’s charity of choice is Mamas for Mamas!

Each month at our events, we encourage our members to purchase 50 / 50 Raffle Tickets in an effort to fundraise through the year for Mamas for Mamas. All proceeds collected are donated to Mamas for Mamas Oceanside Division.

Below is a letter from Lisa Haupt, Resource Coordinator for Mamas for Mamas……..

Mamas for Mamas is a specialized poverty relief charity and we help Mamas in need by providing them with diapers, wipes, formula etc at no cost as well as helping to relieve emotional poverty through our FB page and peer to peer sharing platform. We try to fill the gaps in the service missing from the communities we operate in.  We have recently opened a pick up point for Mamas in need in Coombs at a storage locker donated by Island Self Storage as we have been finding a lot of moms in Oceanside are not able to get to the Karma market in Nanaimo (which is head branch for Vancouver Island) because the cost of fuel prohibits them from doing so or because they only have 1 car and their spouse takes it to work, or they cannot get to Nanaimo during the hours that the Karma market offers pick ups.  We can offer flexibility as the Manager of Island Self Storage, Amber is also a Mamas volunteer, she can offer pick ups during any open office hours and I can go in on weekends or evenings if a mama really cannot get to us, I will deliver it to her at no cost.  For example, we have 2 separate clients currently without vehicles that live in an RV or camper, so we will drop off their diapers to them every few weeks.  

We rely solely on donations from our amazing community and I am happy to say we are stocked up right now thanks to a donation from Qualicum Beach rotary last week. That being said, each family is allowed 5 items per person on their shop. So if a Mom has 3 kids that is 20 items per shop for each family, things disappear fast!!