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Showcase Tables

This is an opportunity to promote your business during the pre-meeting networking time, speak to the whole group for five (5) minutes, and further deliver your message & capture leads at your table by drawing a door prize.

This is much more impactful than just a twenty second introduction.

Showcase tables are for member’s only.

Table Display

For just $20, you receive a 6-foot, skirted table to showcase your business.

You can be as simple or elaborate as you like in your display. It gives you an opportunity to have deeper conversations to really showcase what you do.

To guarantee your spot, tables must be paid in advance.

  • Limit of one (1) table per fiscal year per member.
  • Limit of four (4) tables per meeting available to members.
  • Limit of one (1) table per meeting for Oceanside community Non-Profit Organizations.

Contact to reserve your table. Be sure to put “Showcase Table” in your subject line.

Important Information

  • SETUP: You can begin setting up your display at the appointed table at 4:30 PM.
  • DRAW PRIZE: At your table, have a draw prize to capture leads of those specifically interested in learning more about your product or service. Please note your draw prize (minimum value $20) must be a tangible object or gift certificate for a specific service. For example: “50% off your purchase” is not acceptable.
  • FIVE MINUTE SPEECH: After the Main Event, it’s your turn to speak to the group for 5 minutes, giving you another chance to remain top of mind and peak people’s interest. This is a very effective way to wrap up your $20 investment. After your 5 minute speech, you will give away your prize, and then follow up with other entries after the event. If you are nervous about speaking, consider reading some well thought out notes, or have one of our Directors “interview” you. You can then just answer the interview questions in a more casual way and get a clear message across.
  • ADDITIONAL DOOR PRIZE: You may also bring an additional door prize for our regular 30 second “Announcement” opportunity at the end of the evening with the other Members, but it is NOT mandatory.

Support Our Showcase Tables

Make sure you visit all of the showcase tables, whether the service or product pertains to you or not.

This is an opportune time to get to know your fellow members at a deeper level, truly understand what they offer, and perhaps be able to refer them to your network.