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Robyn Friesen

Notary Public at Robbins Notaries BC

Contact Information

    • Cell: (250) 586-9271
    • Bus: (250) 586-9271

Robyn Friesen is a Notary Public running the Robbins Notaries Parksville location.

Robyn completed her Bachelor of Arts in Criminology at Simon Fraser University (SFU) and graduated with honours in 2018. Following her degree, Robyn attended SFU again to pursue the Master of Arts in Applied Legal Studies to become a Notary Public. In March 2020 Robyn took the Notarial statutory exams and won the Bernard Hoeter and Stanley Nichol awards for achieving top marks on the statutory exams.

Whether you’re documenting an agreement, a mortgage or real estate transaction, or the details of your family estate planning, Robbins Notaries can ensure that your affairs are in order for your own peace of mind. Reach out to Robyn today at for all of your notary needs!