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Jollean Chantrel

Owner / Operator at Pollen Acres BC

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In 2019 the journey of Pollen Acres began as a result of clearing our property. Being from the “Love Child era” we wanted to give something back to the environment as a replacement for the trees that had been removed. Originally, we looked at hemp and using it as a natural purifier and capturing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. However, due to the size of the acreage, it would not be sustainable or viable.

Having recently taken a Beekeepers course and having a concern about the fate of the honey bee and pollinators, we decided to pursue a pollination field with the help of the Oceanside Hive: A Beekeepers Collective. Hence in 2020, five acres of pollination food were planted with the help of the members. There are over an estimated 10+ different varieties of pollinator food for all types of pollinators as well as food sources for deer and bears (haha). 2020 was our first year and today we are still continuing to amend the soil, share pollinator seeds with our members and feed our bees. In 2021 Pollen Acres was officially created as was “Lifesource Honey” thanks to our busy bees and pollinators.

We offer:

• Raw honey sales and tastings & Educational tours (learn about the bees and pollinators)
• Vegetables, Pollinator flowers, seedlings and packages of seeds (coming in the near future) for growing pollinator flowers.
• Hanging baskets (available in May)
• Experiences – working with the bees in the hives/honey spinning (seasonally)
• “Music on the Farm” (TBD)