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Cari McLean

Owner Bookkeeper at My Bookkeeper BC

Contact Information

    • Cell: (250) 240-9394
    • Bus: (250) 951-0338

We at My Bookkeeper pride ourselves in being one of the leading and most recommended bookkeeping service providers in our area, generally referred by accountants who love to get our neat and tidy year-end files. We prefer to work with established corporate entities who trust us to take care of the mundane admin work because what they are busy with is more exciting. Our clients are diverse in nature, and although most of them are Oceanside locals, we do have some operating out of Nanaimo and Victoria.
Our services include everything to do with financial recording, bank reconciliations, payroll, statutory returns and year-end file preparation. We do not file taxes, we leave that to the accountants, but we do provide monthly current reports so that our clients can make informed decisions timeously, before its too late and “the horse has bolted”.
Having managed a family enterprise in my past life, I am acutely aware of the challenges that business owners face, and one of the greatest of these is not having enough time to keep paperwork and financial recording up to date. We have developed slick solutions that make this happen with minimal effort for our clients and this is why our tagline is: we do books so you can do business”.

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