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Bernice Granger

Owner, Facilitator at BodyTalk with Bernice BC

Contact Information

    • Cell: (250) 809-5168
    • Bus: (250) 809-5168

Bernice Granger, Certified BodyTalk Facilitator, Reiki Master.
Bernice started her study and exploration of complementary medicine and consciousness exploration in 1997. She has years of study, experience in energy healing modalities and spirituality. During these years of exploration she helped raise her two sons and worked as a Medical Laboratory Technologist.

As a client, Bernice was introduced to BodyTalk in 2016. She saw the fastest changes and growth in her life were happening from the BodyTalk sessions she received. The changes were more permanent, less backsliding than her past healings experiences. Bernice certified as a BodyTalk Practitioner in June of 2021. Through continuing education, she has expanded her abilities within the BodyTalk system, and continues to do so.
With a background in human anatomy and physiology, energy medicine, years of courses, self healing & self-development, Bernice has a large amount of experience and knowledge that greatly influences her work and abilities as a BodyTalk facilitator.

Bernice’s empathy and compassion provides a safe, comfortable healing space. She greatly respects everyone’s path, beliefs and life experiences. She strongly believes each of us is unique, with individual needs and life paths.