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November Meeting – Rebel Night

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Be a Rebel on Purpose!

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Come join us for great food, great friends, and the opportunity to promote your business.

This month local author Linda Breedlove will be talking about embracing change and being a “Rebel on Purpose”

Linda is the author of a compelling motivational book called ‘Embrace the Change Be a Rebel on Purpose.’  Her next book is a continuation of her journey, because as Linda says, ‘you must keep growing and changing or you will become too complacent and stagnant.’   Linda has been called a ‘motivational voice for anyone desiring change in their lives.’

We will continue with the mini tables – please bring something that showcases your business, that will fit in a 8×10 space. We will have the mini tables set up all throughout the meeting.

COVID-19 Social Distancing Protocols will be in place for your safety. Dinner will be plated as Bayside Resort adheres to Dr Bonnie Henrys stage 2 plan

Please choose Fish, Chicken, Special Diet or Vegetarian on your registration, once the full menu is released, you will have the opportunity to change your selection.

If you prefer to register with e-transfer please use the drop down menu at the pay with stage to switch from Paypal.

Please include your name and food choice, we will then send you a payment request.

The menu..


Local artisan greens with fresh strawberries, roasted pecans, and autumn apple cider vinaigrette



Grilled arugula pesto topped chicken with roasted grape tomatoes, young fingerling potatoes, and seasonal vegetables


Seared fillet of wild BC sockeye salmon, finished with white wine, lemon, and fresh dill, presented on a bed of our signature 8 grain purple rice blend & seasonal vegetables


Crisp hand formed quinoa patties, roasted sweet potato, fire grilled zucchini & our selection of seasonal vegetables



Frangelico crème Brulee with candied hazelnuts



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Dawn Test

Dawn Test