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March Dinner with Alison Donaghey – Think Opposite

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THINK OPPOSITE is a simple tool that we can use every day to improve the way we approach ideas and people.

AlisonIf you don’t question what you believe in, then what is the point of believing in it?

This is the core of what THINK OPPOSITE is about. It’s about suspending your belief long enough to consider an opposite perspective so that you can proceed with clarity. When we allow ourselves to think the opposite of what we believe we can then consider all other possibilities in between. This is important because it builds trust, communication and connection in our businesses, our lives and the world.

We spend so much time in our echo-chambers surrounding ourselves with people who think just like us that we lose sight of other people and other possible ways of thinking. We are dangerously polarized in a world that is craving connection.

Alison Donaghey instigates new ways of thinking.  A thought strategist, speaker, radio host and author, Alison challenges business owners to suspend their beliefs, think the opposite and proceed with clarity.  She creates space and strategy for business owners to question the status quo which leads to improvements not only in their business, but in the world.

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Cut off for registration is midnight March 19th.  Please indicate dietary restrictions in the comments section.

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