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That was Then, This is Now – April Dinner with Julie Atkinson

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Julie Atkinson – That was then and this is now!

Does this sound like you?

  • Allowed yourself to dream big

  • See great opportunities for yourself

  • Want to change something in your life

  • Ready to take a risk

Then before you know it, the days turn into months, then years go by, time passes on and you are still in the same place and still holding on to those dreams and desires.

Julie will share with you that You can make changes in your life and change doesn’t need to be difficult.

You will leave with a new awareness of the process for removing limiting beliefs that hold you back and move from that was then to this is now.


Please review  OWBN Cancellation Policy

Cut off for registration is midnight April 16th.  Please indicate dietary restrictions in the comments section.

Julie Atkinson has made it her life’s work to hold up a mirror to your inner beauty.  She assists woman to understand and see that they are infinitely relevant.

Women need to be reminded that they matter in the world.  For over 25 years Julie has nursed many patients inflicted with burns, cancers, trauma reconstruction and self inflicted wounds to name a few.  In the plastic and cosmetic industry Julie advocates for woman to help them understand and realize their beauty lies within and informs her patients on realistic outcomes.

Drawing on her life’s story of sexual abuse, addictions, poverty and shame, she shares with women how she took that pain and suffering and turned her life around to joy and happiness.

Her signature mastermind program Bust Your Own Beliefs inspires and motivates women to bust through their beliefs and breakthrough to unleash their true potential.

There are many successes in Julie’s life and the three she is most proud of are here two beautiful daughters and her loving relationship with her husband Terry and her siblings for having the courage to carry on.

Her most recent recognitions, are two awards one from  eWomen Network, “Lift as You Climb” and the other from yoUnlimited, “ Mentoring and Leadership”  These two awards are a reminder of not too long ago one women mentored Julie to be everything she could be and now Julie continues to pay it forward mentoring women to know they matter in this world and they have a voice.


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